My playground


As you can probably guess, my "Playground" is my garage.  I don't have a big garage, just barely enough for two cars.

Here are my tool chests.  The one on the left is a "MAC Tools" tool box, the bench type box on the right is a Husky box.   The "MAC" box is an older box, but the craftsmanship is excellent and the steel used is much thicker than the Husky box. 

These two pictures shows the contents in the "MAC Tools" tool box

These two pictures shows the contents in the Husky bench box
(And Yes, I have three different torque wrenches)

Some of my tools
(YES, I am a tool nut!)
Click on the picture to see them close up

Air tools (Impact gun, air ratchet, sander, also an air chisel not in the picture)

Allen tools with special half open socket for suspension strut and front camber adjustment tool

My metric size sockets, extensions, drive adapters, and etc.


A collection of Snap-On snap ring pliers
My MAC Tools multi function voltmeter and etc.

Collection of vice grip pliers
My three torque wrenches, A Snap-On, Sears, and other tools
My TIG welding consumable
Punch, drift, die set, and special pliers
My SAE size sockets 
My wrenches
All my Snap-On sockets, ratchets and etc.


My pride and joy!
(Snap-On 1/4 drive assortment set)

I compiled a little list of just my Snap-on tools

Here is the other side of the garage

On this side this is where the work bench, welding stand, plasma cutter, and my Miller TIG welder is at. 

Here is a close up picture of my TIG welder and plasma cutter

One of my favorite "tool" is my Miller EconoTIG TIG welder (the blue machine).  A TIG welder is the best kind of welding machine you can buy, it is often compared as the Rolls Royce of welders.  It produces the cleanest and the strongest weld out of all other kind of welders.  It is mainly used to weld up stainless steel, pipes and structures for nuclear power plants, or to build a atomic devices.  It will welder up just about any kind of metal, and even weld up two different kind of metal together.  There is a saying that a good TIG welder can weld up two aluminum Coke cans.  The welding cart you see in this picture is a cart I welded up on my own using just angle iron.

In case if you are wondering what the heck am I doing with a TIG welder, click on the below picture to learn more.
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