Porsche stories
A collection of interesting Porsche related stories 

One of the perks from running a private Porsche web site is that you get to hear many interesting Porsche related stories, I thought I will share these interesting stories with everyone by putting together a Porsche story section in the p-car.com site.  If you have an interesting Porsche story please e-mail them to me so we can all share it. 

George Dow's 911 story "Whale Tails"

Ray Calvo's stories
(Articles contributed to the Allegheny Region PCA region newsletter)

Aaron Weiss' run away car story 

Garey Cooper's "Did it rain" story

Stephen Wall's Hairy Moment in his 993

A novela of life in Southern California by
Garey Cooper

The amazing crash survival story of Doug (Cannonball) Richter

"Chump" Jason Holland's first PCA club race 

Carrera to The Land of the Kiwi

A rare find


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