Hank's Supercup Race Car
Engine Flat 6
Displacement 3600cc
Horsepower 360 bhp @ 7200 rpm
Torque 273 ft lbs @ 5000 rpm
0-60 mph 4.5 seconds
Top speed 188 mph

 After the last couple years of racing his convert 993 RSCS race car, Hank finanly decided it was time for him to get into a factory 996 Supercup race car.  This Supercup race cars was purchased after it was raced in the Supersup series at Indianapolis in the year 2000 Supercup race in the US.

Porsche 911: Legendary Sportscar Kicks Off Inaugural Indy Grand Prix.
STUTTGART, Germany, Sept. 5 /PRNewswire/ --

The Porsche 911 sportscar and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway: two legends meet for the first time in history, when on Friday, 22nd September at 9:00 a.m. the race cars from Germany kick off the inaugural Indianapolis Grand Prix weekend, rolling out for their free practice in preparation for the first ever Porsche-Pirelli-Supercup race on this classic track.

For the last eight years, the Porsche-Pirelli-Supercup has been the world's only sportscar racing series to run exclusively as a support event to the Formula 1 World Championship. Technical equality of the Porsche sportscars guarantees action-packed racing: Success lies squarely on the ability and courage of the drivers. Nine rounds were held in Europe this year, but the race for the title is still wide open. Two heats on the September weekend in Indianapolis, each yielding full points and prize money for the first time in Supercup history, will bring the decision.

Almost thirty Porsche 911 GT3 Cup sportscars take up the challenge on the purpose-built 2.606 mile roadtrack that incorporates the main straightaway and Turn 1. The race cars from Germany comprise ninety per cent Porsche standard parts taken from the road-going 911 GT3. With 370 horsepower and a weight of just 2508 pounds, these 911s ensure spectacular performances -- acceleration from 0-60 mph in under four seconds, with a top speed of more than 170 mph.

The premiere of the world's fastest international one-make series in the USA is not the only highlight for Porsche Cars North America in 2000. At the same time the US branch of the German sportscar marque proudly announces a new sales record: In the first seven months of this year, PCNA sold 14,353 Porsche cars -- a increase of nine per cent compared to the same time period last year. 

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This Supercup race car is by far very different from a 996 street car, the engine have 375 horse power and with a car that only weights 2600 lb.  It was time for Hank to make a new freindship relationship with this new race car.  The first weekend at Road Atlanta in 90 degree weather Hank's fastest lap around the track were 1:33.  Impressive time considering the fact that Hank had to learn how to interact with a completely new car.

The purpose of this page is to document the history of this Race car owned by Hank Cohn

June, 2001 Road Atlanta Track event

Hank getting the Supercup car loaded up on his trailer for the weekend track event

These pictures were taken at Road Atlanta

September, 2001 Road Atlanta Track Event

November, 2001 Road Atlanta PCA Driver's Ed

March, 2002 Road Atlanta PBOC Race


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