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Everyone who like cars one time or another have dreamed of becoming a race car driver, but very few of these dreams are ever materialized in real life.  I am an admirer of Hank's racing dream come true.  Besides all the track events there was the Porsche club race where he placed 3 rd in his class and won the rookie of the event award and later many 1st place finishes in all the PCA clud races.  Racing takes discipline, hard work, concentration, practices, and most importantly a deep pocket. (or to think like you do) Over the last several month I have been following Hank around to watch him race.  During these events I tried to take as many pictures as possible and the selected pictures on the following page is something I compiled for everyone's viewing pleasure.  I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do.


List of Hank's current racing results

October 1999 Road Atlanta PCA club race - Stock C class 3rd place finish 1:43.51 best lap time, Rookie of the event award
December 1999 Roebling Road PCA club race - Stock C class 1st place finish 1:21.96 best lap time, Novice of the race award
March 2000 Road Atlanta SCCA ECR ITB class - BMW 2002 6th place finish
April 2000 Road Atlanta PCA club race - Stock C class 1st place finish 1:38.60 best lap time
September 2000 Roebling Road club race - GT2 class 2nd place finish 1:19.6 best lap time, Novice of the race award
September 2000 Speedvision World challenge GT  - GT class 23rd finish 1:37.757 best lap time
October 2000 CMP PCA club race - GT2 class, DQ 1:44.9 best lap time 
April 2001 Road Alanta PCA club race - Stock C class 1st place finish 1:39 best lap time
May 2001 Mid Ohio PCA club race - GTC class third in class and 18th overall 1:38.6 best lap time
Oct 2001 Speedvision World challenge GT race 9 - GT class 20th finish 1:40.143 best lap time (Spec tire Toyo Proxies)
Oct 2001 Speedvision World challenge GT race 10 - GT class 16th finish 1:39.745 best lap time (Spec tire Toyo Proxies)
March 2002 PBOC race at Road Atlanta - R2R class 1st place overall finish  1:35.1 best lap time (qualified 1:34)
April 2002 Road Atlanta PCA club race - GTC2 class 1st place finish in class, 10th overall 1:33.1 best lap time (qualified time 1:32.5)

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I like this picture because it reminded me of scenes from war movies where the pilots were strapped in their fighter plane before the big battle.  In this picture Hank strapped himself in his car before the big club race.

This is a picture of Hank's 993 with the MO30 suspension.   Picture taken at Roebling Road in Savannah.

This was also taken at Roebling Road, in this picture Hank is on the straight getting ready for turn 1.

Another Roebling picture, this one is somewhere on turn 3.  Same place where he span out with me in the car later during the day.

Still at Roebling Road, but don't remember what turn this was taken at.

Hank lining up at Roebling.  Picture taken from the observation tower.

Hank and Rick standing by their race machine while watching other racers going by on the track. 

Here is a close up picture of Hank and Rick.

Famous Hank Cohn words "when you can't cut down your lap time anymore hire a professional driver to teach you" in this picture professional race car driver Joe XXXXX  giving Hank his private lesson. 

Above are some good pictures of Hank on the front straight at Road Atlanta.

These pictures were taken at turn 3 at Road Atlanta 

Turn 10 Road Atlanta

Hank pulling into pits after he got tired of posing for these pictures.

Hank's 1999 PCA club race pictures
Hank's 2000 Speedvision world challenge GT race
Hank's 2001 PCA club race pictures
Hank's 996 Supercup Race car
Hank's 2001 Speedvision world challenge GT race, race# 9 and #10
Hank's 2002 PCA club race pictures 

Hank's 993 RS project


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