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Aug, 2002 John Koh in Hong Kong sent me a link to their "Supercar Club Hong Kong" web site in Hong Kong, after I had the pleasure of reviewing through their web site and wiping the drool from my face I decided to add a new section to the p-car.com web site call the "Featured Site Collection". 

"Supercar Club Hong Kong"

The website's main page is best enjoyed with the Macromedia flash plug-in on your browser, if you are an automobile enthusiast you will definitely love the intro.  What sets this club different is that it features not just your garden variety 911s, but absolutely supercars unobtainable by 99.9% of the population.   The website is extremely easy to navigate and professionally designed, a definite two thumbs up!    Enjoy!

Robin Sun
Webmaster p-car.com

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