Valentine One hardware install with remote display

New update!  March, 2003

Remote display installed inside of a Porsche 993 tachometer


This DIY will explain the method I used to hardwire the Valentine one radar detector to my 993 and the location where I mounted the remote display. 

Above is a picture of the Valentine one package I purchased.  It consists of the main unit and the remote display.  Totaling $443 with freight charge directly from the Valentine's web site.  The main unit comes with enough RJ11 wires to hardware the main unit in a 993 without needing any additional RJ11 wires, the hardwire kit is also included as part of the main unit.  The remote display unit also came with it's own RJ11 extension wires.  (I did purchase an extra bundle of RJ11 wires as a precaution, but ended up not needing them)

I tapped the ignition switched power needed to power the Valentine one unit directly from the sunroof switch.  The sunroof circuit is a 30 AMP circuit which leaves plenty of juice to power the Valentine even while the sunroof motor is operating.  (The Valentine one hardwire kit also has it's own internal fuse to protect the Valentine unit)

Pop the switch cover assembly on the center console to expose the wiring behind the sunroof switch.

To pull the switch out from under the sunroof switch you will need to use a flat screw driver to pry the tabs out while pulling the switch out from under. 

Here are the locations of the wires from under the sunroof switch that needs to be tapped.  To help with the wire tap I pull the prongs out from the switch. 

To hardwire the wires from the Valentine one's hardwire kit I peeled back the insulation from the wires a little bit.

This is a picture of the wires from the Valentine hardwire kit soldered on to the sunroof switch wire prongs.  I then installed the prongs back into the plug and then closed the cover.

Here is a picture of the Valentine power wires coming out of the sunroof switch.

Here is a picture of the center console after I have tapped the wire and installed the plug back into the sunroof switch.

I choose to used the suction cup holder to mount my Valentine unit, the Valentine one main unit is placed under the driver's side visor above the rear view mirror.

Note: (Added 11/02)
Todd Campbell sent in an e-mail to recomend running the wire differently, here is his message:
I ran the RJ11 cable down the right side pillar and threaded it into the same location that the radio antenna plug goes through.  I them routed the cable into the cab through one of the firewall factory openings and wired it to the appropriate wire. 
To me this is easier than the way mentioned in the DIY.

The RJ11 wire can be tucked under the windshield rubber molding, you do not need to pull the molding off to tug the wire in.  I made a little slit at where the wires will hang down.

I ran the RJ11 wire along the windshield rubber molding all the way down to the left hand side windshield pillar and down into the left side of the dashboard.

To help tug the wire under the dash board I remove the cover plate on the left side of the dash board and loosen the philips screw that holds the dashboard down.  Once the dashboard screw is loosen you can pull the left corner of the dashboard out a little to tug the wire under there.

I ran the wire in through the left hand side vent hole.  In order to run the wire in you will need to remove the left side vent cover plate and the vent itself.  To remove the vent you will need to remove the philips screw on the cover plate and pry the plate up from the corner first with a flat screw driver.  And then the vent itself can be pulled out with your fingers, to do so grab the vent  from the left side with your fingers while you pry it out from the right side with a flat screw driver.  Included above are also pictures to help you visualize where the tabs are located on the vent itself.

I then ran the wire under the dash towards the center console, there are plenty of places to wire tie them off under the dash.  To run the wire into the center console I used the "fishing method".  I first ran a steel cable through the center console so that I can grab it from behind and then taped off the end of the steel cable to the end of the RJ11 wire and then pulled it through.

Remote display installation

There are a variety of placement locations for the Valentine one remote display, it would be a good idea to try out different locations first before you decide to mount the remote display permanently. 

In my case I decided to mount the remote display under the speedometer just above the A/C buttons.  With my driving position only very small part of the display is blocked, but I was comfortable with the placement location. 

Here is the location of the Valentine one remote display from my driving position.

My Valentine one remote display unit didn't come with enough velcro tape so I had to supply my own. 

I ran the wire for the remote display along the side of the steering column and through a opening access under the steering column itself into the dash.

Here is a picture of the RJ11 from both the main unit and the remote display routed into the center console.

Excess wires wire tied off and ready for assembly.


Additional V1 installation option

This option was contributed by Tony with the Chevy Silverado truck, he added the additional remote on/off button and also a switch to switch between the detector mode from consealed to unit display.

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