Parts and pieces for the factory twin turbo wing

The factory twin turbo wing may look simple from the outside, but underneath it is compose of many unusual expensive parts and pieces.  I was lucky enough to find a used factory twin turbo wing for sale, but unfortunately when it arrived I realized that it was missing all the mounting hardware, the inner grille and other parts and pieces.  So I obtained a copy of the factory Porsche component break down sheet to see what parts and pieces are in the factory twin turbo tail.

To my surprise the all the parts and pieces came out to $170, and the inner grille by itself was $320.

Here is a list of the parts I purchased
(Don't know what the part number for the inner grille is?)

999 507 546 02 clamp x 4
993 512 861 00 sleeve x 6
900 151 028 02 washer x 4
900 084 020 02 nut x 4
999 703 146 40 cover x 4
993 504 513 00 gasket x 1
993 512 521 00 stop x 1
993 512 522 00 stop x 1
900 075 355 02 screw x 2 m6x14 (For the stopper)
993 512 629 01 sealing  x 1
999 190 408 30 blind rivet  x 8 
993 512 875 00 protective strip x 2
993 512 213 00 lock x 1
n 010 216 8 screw x 2 m6x18

This is a picture of the painted tail, you will need to have the tail piece and the top grille painted the same color as your car

Here are some of the parts and pieces to complete the installation of the twin turbo tail (mounting bolts are not in this picture)

Before mating the inner grille with the top grille you will need to insert a total of 6 rubber sleeve on the edge of the top grille.

Slide 4 mounting clips on each side of the top grille

Mate the inner grille and the top grille together

Insert the inner and outer grille into the tail from the outside, and secure the grille with washer and bolts. (total 4)

Cap off the grille mounting bolt opening with these round plastic caps

Here is a picture of the grille secured on the tail

Install the stopper on each side of the tail

Install the center hinge

Install the deck lid edge rubber seal
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