This DIY is contributed by Dan (96C2 St. louis)

Porsche Parts needed: 

993-618-959-12 (Hand Remote Housing) List Price $17.27

944-538-041-00 (Lighted Key Cap) List Price $17.00

Optional: replacement remote battery

Tools needed:

Small Phillips screwdriver (#0 or #1)

Very small slotted screwdriver (eyeglass screw size)

Time: 15 minutes or less

1.....Dissasemble old remote housing by removing small Phillips screw from bottom of unit. Open case and carefully remove circuit board with the battery. If the battery is old, this is a good time to replace it.

2.....Insert circuit board into new remote housing. It is a tight fit, but should not require much force. The battery goes in the fat end. The board has a top (component side) and a bottom (flat) - make sure the top of the board mates with the upper half of the new housing (the half with the rubber push button). Close the housing by snapping it together and inserting/tightening the Phillips screw supplied with the new housing.

3.....Push the switchblade button to expose the key. Remove the key from the switchblade housing by using the small screwdriver to remove the cap (see attached excerpt from the factory shop manual) by prying gently from the end farthest from the key. The cap comes out almost perpendicular to the unit. After removing the cap, remove the small spring which should now be exposed. Push the key straight into the end of the housing and tap it gently on the end while holding the unit with the key up. With a few taps and jiggling the locking slide should be released and the key may be easily pulled out of the housing.

4.....Insert the key into the Lighted Key Cap. Note: the key has two prongs and the key cap has two slots. On the key one prong is straight and the other is notched. The notched key prong goes into the key cap slot that has a visible "catch" in it. Push the key in until it catches.

5.....Attach your new remote housing to the key cap with the provided ring and you are done. Pat yourself on the back and rejoice in your accomplishment. Soon you will be ready to move on to reprogramming the ECU.


L.E.D. Key Light conversion

Posted to the Rennlist Forums by Tony (Blue S2)
Courtesy of Rennbay

Hey everyone, i cant remember who posted this originally but i was trying to follow the directions for the LED keylight and i found them overly complex. Paper, tape, wire, solder...this is a key, not a bomb. Anyways, i found a much simpler way to do this and i have part numbers and pictures for ya too! Ok, this is what you need-

Porsche Keys!

5mm White (or any other color) LED 3.6 volt, 20ma 1100mcd RadioShack # 276-320

2 - Energizer watch batteries # 389
Approx. $10 (total cost for 2 batteries and LED)

First open your key and remove the battery, copper divider, foam cushion, and old light.


Second, insert the LED light into the hole. The short post goes to the battery, and the long post gets wrapped securely around the copper pole. Keep the original spring!

Third, place the two batteries on the spring. Positive side up. The short LED pole should be placed ONTOP of the batteries. I had it to the side in the picture because it wouldnt stay without the cap on. When you assemble it, the pole has to be ONTOP of the batteries. If its to the side, it wont work consistently.

Next, balance the cap on top of the batteries and pole. The pole should be sandwiched between the cap and batteries. Just get it to stay, it wont be secured until you close the whole key. Its a little tricky, as the batteries teeter a bit on the spring. Just try to keep it all together. Once its closed up, it will stay. (just make sure that pole IS ontop of the batteries when you close it up.

Carefully close up the key. You should have a very nice button feel. Firm, yet good movement. I think it feels much better than the original. Now i have to wait til monday to do my other key because radio shack was out of white LEDs.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me, or post on the board. Again, i dont remember who originally posted this, but thanks for the idea! Just felt this was an easier way to go. I hope this helps. I just couldnt follow the original post. Plus, no part numbers were listed. It almost seemed like the workshop manuals! HAHA! (j/k..) Now i got my LED keys, my Hella ready to light up the night!

1991 944 S2 

Additional update regarding the LED upgrade

Added: 11/06/06


Date:  Thu, 12 Oct 2006 07:27:26 -0700 
From:  cydnub <> 

Not sure if you are the correct person, but key mod instructions ( have a small error. They say "The short post goes to the battery, and the long post gets wrapped securely 
around the copper pole." In fact, since LEDs require correct polarity, the LONG post (always positive on LEDs) goes to the positive terminal on the battery, and the SHORT post gets wrapped securely 
around the copper pole. There were some discussions to this effect some forum, but I just did the mod and in fact the instructions were indeed incorrect on this part. One workaround that someone suggested was to flip the batteries upside down instead of rebending the leads. This however is not a great solution since the positive terminal on the battery wraps around to include the battery sides, so when the key is sealed up, the upside down battery sides (positive) may come in contact with lead that goes to the battery top (negative). 

It is a great mod and my keylight is MUCH brighter than before now. Thanks for the info. 

'89 928 S4 5spd 

Pricing update: 3/10/08

Date:  Mon, 10 Mar 2008 04:52:48 -0400 

Here are updated list prices for the parts in the article (as of 

993-618-959-12 (Hand Remote Housing) List Price $74.95 
944-538-041-00 (Lighted Key Cap) List Price $29.77 

My local Porsche dealer parts salesman offered a discount which 
brought the prices down a bit: 

993-618-959-12 (Hand Remote Housing) Discount Price $57.54 
944-538-041-00 (Lighted Key Cap) Discount Price $19.95 


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