DIY (Do It yourself)

Why A DIY section?
Besides the awesome gratification to drive a 911 to the limit, I get just as much fun and enjoyment working on one. Those of you who had the opportunity to turn wrenches regularly on cars would appreciate what I am trying to say.

Personally I believe half of the fun in owning a Porsche 911 is to work on them, most of your routine maintenance can be done at the leisure of your own time, with garden variety metric tools and few special tools. The biggest benefit of DIY is you know for sure your car is treated with the utmost care since you are the mechanic performing the work. And you don't have to worry about door dings from careless mechanic and porters doing Gran Prix racing with your 911. On top of that you will know for sure you replaced every part that is supposed to be replaced, and every nuts and bolts is bolted back on.

I am in the process of building up a data base on all the DIY projects for the 996, and post them on web site for everybody's reference. The site have existed since the 1998 and have always been a free public domain. The site started out as a site with just 993 based information, recently I purchased an used 1999 996 and thought it would be beneficial to everyone to have a section on the 996 based information also.

It is not possible for me to cover all the topics and category of every DIY project, so if you have pictures and procedure write ups I would be glad to add them to this page so others can use it as a reference.

I broke the DIY into several sections for ease of locating a specific DIY that you are looking for.

The basics

How to jack the car up

Scheduled maintenance

Added 5/06

Added 5/06

Pictures only

How to change the oil

How to change
the transmission oil

How to change the
brake pad

Repairs items


996 Secondary air injection
valve replacement

996 Water pump replacement

Hood release cable replacement


Custom Installation of a Garage Door/Gate
Transmitter in a Porsche 996

Aftermarket exhaust installation

Factory aerokit installation